Friday, October 17, 2008

Momentum builds for scrapping Commission on Presidential Debates

Momentum builds for scrapping the Commission on Presidential Debates. Check out all of the news coverage in the last 24 hours below! And if you haven't already, join the open debates movement by signing up in the yellow box to the right ---->

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WASH POST: Debates Are Over, But Push For More Openness Continues

TECH PRESIDENT: Across the Spectrum, Calls for Debate Reform

NATIONAL JOURNAL: Grover Norquist Joins Open Debate Coalition

OPEN DEBATE COALITION: Norquist Joins Coalition, Calls For Dismantling Debate Commission

YOUTUBE'S BLOG: Moving to a more democratic debate

CRAIG FROM CRAIGSLIST: Grover Norquist joins Open Debate Coalition?

LAWRENCE LESSIG: Grover Norquist joins Open Debate Coalition

DAILY KOS Open Thread

AMERICABLOG (Progressive blog): Coalition calls for sweeping changes in future presidential debates

THE NEXT RIGHT (Right-of-center blog): Retire the Presidential Debate Commission

MyDD (Progressive blog): Changing The Debates

GOTHAMIST (New York blog): Change for Future Presidential Debates?

INFORMATION WEEK: High Praise For Schieffer Aside, Groups Still Calling For Open Debates

C-SPAN BLOG: Norquist Joins Debate Coalition

FREE PRESS: Media Minutes